About Us

Unique Car Guy is a car dealer for people who dig cars.

We cater to buyers and sellers who revel in the thrill associated with a car that makes your heart sing. The auto industry and car culture is more diverse than ever. For some people this is the shiny red-apple flash of a supercar they admire. For others, it’s something special in a low-profile only enthusiasts would recognize. Our business is helmed by a legit Car Guy that believes cars aren’t just a method of a-to-b transportation but rather a form of happiness—from the exhilaration of driving a low-slung coupe on a twisty mountain road to sitting tall and proud with your sweet ride. UCG offers vehicles in all price ranges that appeal to a wide range of buyers from teenagers to the financially established. From American muscle to wow-factor imports, UCG is differentiated from its competitors by selling cars that are unique on the road— distinct, exceptional, and cool. Consign your car, commission a search for the car of your dreams, or come browse our inventory.
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